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Q. Do you allow independent teachers who search for jobs and interview on their own?

Yes, we will contact the school to confirm that you have been interviewed and hired.  It is important that we spend time teaching your school about the program.

Q. How can I best prepare for my teaching interviews?

We suggest that you use google to search for sample interview questions and watch youtube videos of sample interviews.  Often a school will request a demonstration lesson, so make sure you are prepared with a good lesson plan. You can also be prepared by researching the state standards so you know exactly what is taught at each grade level in your particular state. 

Q. Can I bring my spouse and children to the USA?

Yes, you can, but you should check with your school first to see if they have any questions about your family joining you. It is also possible for the teacher to come first and set up the apartment and begin adapting to teaching before family members arrive. 

Q. Are teachers allowed to switch host schools?

We prefer that teachers spend at least one year at a school in order to really know the location and the students. If moving is necessary, Sagamore J-1 Exchange Teachers are permitted to move after years 1, 2, and 4. Moving after year 3 is difficult due to the extension request process. Please remember that moving is expensive and requires time and energy, so it is best to avoid moving if possible. 

Q. I am married and my spouse is also a teacher.  Should we both enter the USA as J-1 teachers or should one of use come as a J-2 dependent?

Both scenarios are possible. If the spouse arrives as a J-2 dependent, it is important to let the school know that the spouse can not work until the EAD (Employment Authorization) process is complete, which can take up to 12 weeks. 

Q. What types of insurance do we need to purchase before we arrive? Does the Sagamore Institute provide insurance for my exchange teaching program?

You will need to maintain EMERGENCY repatriation and evacuation insurance AND Health insurance for yourself and your dependents throughout your entire stay in the USA. It is best to purchase your EMERGENCY insurance before you travel to the USA. You can wait to purchase your HEALTH insurance through your employer after you arrive.  

Q. Are teachers allowed to travel or return home throughout the program? 

Yes, teachers are free to travel and explore the USA during school vacations. Teachers can also return home as necessary or during the longer summer vacation. Please remember that the DS 2019 form needs to be signed before you travel overseas in the lower right hand corner for “travel authorization.”

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