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Host Schools:

We are grateful for the host schools who have partnered with us to incorporate exchange visitor teachers into their faculty.  We understand that the process can seem complex, but we are certain that our qualified teachers will be great assets for your school and will enrich your classrooms.  Please let us know how we can help!

Our 2021-22 class of teachers is complete.  If you are interested in new teachers for the 2022-23 school year, please click one of the links below to indicate your interest.  Thank you!

Sagamore Institute is proud of our partnership with the Indiana Department of Education’s Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program (see link). 

We currently sponsor 37 teachers who are teaching in Indiana DLI schools.

"Our guidelines and requirements for selecting immersion teachers all but eliminate local candidates. It is rare in central Indiana to come across a native Spanish-speaking licensed elementary teacher. Never has there been enough to fulfill our need. It is only through the Exchange Visitor Program and our partnership with the Spanish Ministry of Education that we are able to secure the number of highly qualified teachers to provide this unique educational program."
Indiana Elementary School Principal
January - May
Applications Submitted to Sagamore by Teachers
February - May
Schools Interview and Select Teachers
Sagamore Issues DS2019s to Selected Teachers
April - July
Teachers Interview at Embassies
Teachers Arrive in US

Cost of sponsoring an Exchange Visitor Teacher:

  • We charge a one-time fee of $125 to register a new school or district.  The registration does not expire and does not change with the number of teachers hosted.
  • The annual visa sponsorship charge for a teacher for the 2021-22 school year is $1300, with an additional $500 annual charge per dependent.  Some schools choose to pay the visa sponsorship for the teacher; some pay for the the teacher and dependents; and other schools require the teacher to pay the visa fees.
  • Be aware of the insurance requirements for all exchange visitors (teachers and dependents).  Please review this information to see if the insurance offered by your school/district provides the minimum coverage.  The teachers can choose to purchase the insurance from a third party, but it is helpful for them to understand the options and costs.


Can you sponsor a teacher at our school?

If your school is a public or charter school, it must be within one of the states where we are permitted to sponsor teachers (see States of Operation).  If your school is a private school, it must be accredited and may be located in any state.

Does our school have to pay the visa fees for the teacher and the teacher’s family?

No, a teacher can pay their own fees, but considering the cost of travel to the US, we encourage schools to help with the annual visa fees.  Some schools pay the visa fees for the teacher’s dependents as well; other schools pay for the teacher’s visa and require the teacher to pay for their own dependents. 

What jobs at our school can an exchange visitor teacher do?

Teachers must be employed full time (32 hours a week minimum) as a lead teacher.  

How long can a teacher stay with us?

The initial term of the visa is three years.  Extensions for up to two additional years may be granted by the State Department (teachers must apply for the extension and include a letter of support from the principal). 

Does a school have to continue the teacher’s employment if they are not happy with performance?

No, a school is not required to continue employment if performance is poor.  However, most schools are very happy with their exchange teachers and we are available to help work through any issues that arise.  

Where can I read more about this program?